Drop & soak crab pots while we fish...

We are happy to take the boat out just to drop crab pots, but normally, this guided charter service is an add-on for our other salmon, halibut, or bottom fish trips. Depending on the tide, a crab-only day could be up-to 6-hours and is an easy, relaxing day on the ocean waiting for our pots to soak and attract the crab.

Pricing: $125 per person, minimum 4 people

Trip Length: Up to 6 hours

Limit: 12 male crab per person

When We Go:

Our boat is moored at the Garibaldi Marina from May through October and can be booked for crab trips during those months.

What I Supply:

  • Crab pots
  • Bait

What To Bring With You:

  • Shellfish license
  • Rain gear
  • Bibs to keep your clothes clean.
  • Bring plenty of food, snacks, and drinks for our (up to) 6-hour day.
  • Plenty of storage for taking your crabs back home with you. (coolers, storage bags, fillet knives)
  • Optional: Bring your favorite music on a Bluetooth accessible device to play on my Bluetooth stereo system.

What To Expect:

  • A relaxing day nearshore in up to 150 feet of Pacific Coastal waters.
  • Up to 6-hours of sea time.
  • Prepare to sit back and relax after we drop the pots and while letting them soak.
  • Prepare to meet at Garibaldi Marina CH dock, slip #11.
  • Time depends on bar conditions and will be discussed closer to your trip day.

How To Prepare:


Getting your license:

Be sure to get your one-day fishing license at least one day before meeting at Garibaldi Marina for your charter trip as we often leave earlier than any licensing dealer is open for business. You can get a license on the ODFW mobile app, or at an authorized dealer like most sporting goods stores.

If you are prone to sea-sickness:

  • Be sure to start taking anti-nausea medication at least two days before the trip to prepare your body for being on the ocean.
  • It is highly recommended that you do not drink alcohol the night before an ocean fishing trip.
  • It is also highly recommended that you do not eat greasy foods or dairy products the day of or night before your charter trip.
  • Please note: returning to port for sea-sickness is only done if the case is severe enough to require doing so.


  • A $99 deposit (payable check, Venmo, Paypal, or invoice) is required for all bookings, reserves your date., and will be credited toward a fulfilled trip.
  • If you cancel your trip within 7 days of your booking, your deposit is forfeited.
  • If the captain needs to cancel your trip due to weather, you will receive a full refund of your deposit and any monies received right away, unless your trip can be rebooked.
  • Want to stay in Garibaldi before or after your trip?  One good option near the marina is camping at The Old Mill which has tent sites and full RV hook-up site options available. Find out more about their rates and accommodations here.

A Few Crab Experiences:

Let's Go Crabbing!

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