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If you’ve never experienced albacore tuna fishing for yourself, prepare yourself for an experience of a lifetime and to become addicted.

BOAT COST: $2500

GUESTS: Up to 6 people

HOURS: Up to 12-hours on the water

GENERAL MONTHS: July - October


Coho and Chinook Salmon fishing is a trolling fishery and no matter which species you hook, they all give you a fun fight, so hold on to your rod, and reel fast!

BOAT COST: $1400 for up to 4 people; 5th and 6th guests $350 each

GUESTS: 4 minimum and up to 6 people

HOURS: 6-8-hours on the water

GENERAL MONTHS: July - September


To find the Halibut, we could go 1-30 miles offshore to deep water. We'll fish with heavy weight and stinky bait, dropping to the bottom or jigging for a bite.

BOAT COST: Near-Shore $1100; All-Depth $1500

GUESTS: Up to 4 people

HOURS: 8-10 hours on the water

GENERAL MONTHS: May - June (Near Shore)


  • A $99 deposit (payable check, Venmo, Paypal, or invoice) is required for all bookings, reserves your date, and will be credited toward a fulfilled trip.
  • If you cancel your trip within 7 days of your booking, your deposit is forfeited.
  • If the captain needs to cancel your trip due to weather, you will receive a full refund of your deposit and any monies received right away, unless your trip can be rebooked.
  • Want to stay in Garibaldi before or after your trip?  One good option near the marina is camping at The Old Mill which has tent sites and full RV hook-up site options available. Find out more about their rates and accommodations here.

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